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The Right Tools

Updated: Mar 20

All three of our boys played football, baseball and later on added golf into the mix. I can't count how many baseball gloves, batting gloves and golf  gloves that have been through this house.  Add hunting, fishing, roping and welding and we have owned every kind of glove that exists (interject hyperbole).

 I ran across the catcher's mitt my husband used to practice with the boys and it got me thinking.  Each glove is made in a specific way, out of a specific material, for a specific purpose. You can't sink a 15 ft putt wearing a catcher's mitt and you don't wear batting gloves when you're welding. 

 In life, we need the right equipment for the job.

 You've heard it said "If you only have a hammer in your toolbox you'll treat every problem like a nail." I love that analogy.  So what tools do we need? Wisdom? Discernment? Time? Love? A sense of humor? Truth This list goes on. 

There's a famous verse that says "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." Then it hit me, love isn't a tool in the box, it IS the box. The toolbox that holds all the tools we need for this life is love.

Jesus used every tool there is to teach and train His disciples. He does the same for us.  Sometimes easy and sometimes hard, He uses what we need to bring us closer to Him.  

 Always out of Love because He is Love. He's the toolbox and in Him we have everything we need. -Deborah Loesch

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