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My father Doug started building Cow Horse Supplies over 50 years ago.  Growing up I helped him build bits, spurs, reins and have pretty much been building equipment as long as I can remember.

I have been in and around rodeos since I was 10 years old.  Being involved in roping and intrigued by cutting horses I have continued to develop and fine tune my products.  For good or bad I'm not sure, but I am never satisfied with mediocre.  My goal is to build products to make the horse as comfortable as possible in order to get the best response from him.  I also believe in building quality products that are meant to last for generations.

We have no gimmicks.  We don't claim to have a magic bridle.  CHS offers the tools to develop a horse at the rider's pace.

I hope you enjoy your Cow Horse Supply experience."
Brad Loesch

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